Read on for our practical guide to help you make the right choices and ensure you have all the must-have items.
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DECATHLON's dance brand offers useful suggestions for your practice.

A particular ballet outfit is often recommended or even required by ballet teachers, so be sure to check with him/her before you start shopping. Generally, what you wear for lessons or to train is different to what you’ll wear for a performance. But no matter where or what you’re dancing for, the minimum ballet kit goes a little something like this: leotard, tights and ballet slippers or demi-pointe shoes.

1. Leotards
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There are a few different types of leotards:

●    Leotards with wide straps are the most basic and are ideal for toddlers

●    Leotards with narrow straps are considered a bit more sophisticated and elaborate (sometimes the straps cross over the back for extra pizazz!)

● Short-sleeved leotards are obviously warmer and look elegant without being OTT or uncomfortable

●    Leotards with three-quarter length sleeves are also warm and especially flattering

2. Tights
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In ballet, leotards are never worn with bare legs – tights are essential, and they should be light in colour. Think white or pink. To stop them from slipping and distracting your from your class or performance, they’re worn under the leotard.

3. Demi-Pointes
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For footwear, leather demi-pointes are recommended for beginners of all ages. These sturdy models come with full soles that support the foot, helping you to avoid injury and improve.

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Dance Specialist

A wrap-over cardigan is also useful for dancers – it’ll keep your muscles warm before and after class.