Thanks to the strap that fits across your little one’s chest and feet, you can rest easy knowing they’re secure, and they can enjoy bike rides with you without throwing your bike off balance.
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The biggest difference between child bike seats is where they fit onto your bike: either at the back on the pannier rack or directly on the frame, or at the front between the handlebar and saddle. Which one you choose is mostly down to personal preference, but also needs to be compatible with your bike…

Which Child Bike Seat Is Right For Me?

Whether your child seat attaches to the pannier rack or handlebars of your bike, it’s a practical way of getting about with your baby in tow. Plus, it means you can enjoy cycling as a family before s/he can even put his/her feet on the pedals.

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At The Back On The Pannier Rack

Most models fix onto the pannier rack , at the back of the bike. A big advantage is that this style of seat can be tilted so your baby can take a nap while you ride.

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At The Back On The Frame

Child seats that fit onto your frame are the most comfortable. Just make sure you check that the seat is compatible with the diameter of your frame.

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At The Front Of The Bike

You can also get child bike seats that fix onto the front of your bike. Front child seats fix directly onto the steering column, between the handlebar and saddle in front of the rider – lots of parents prefer this design because it means you can keep a better eye on your little one. It has several settings meaning it can be adjusted so that your line of sight isn’t hindered.

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Before setting off, it's vital that you check your child is comfortable in their seat and properly strapped in. They should be sitting up straight with their head supported. It is strongly recommended that children wear a helmet for optimum safety.