When it comes to urban cycling, don’t just choose any old bike – take your time to work out what you need from your bike and how it can enhance your daily life.

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Helpful tips to help with your cycling.

Consider this your checklist of things to consider when it comes to choosing your city bike. How far will you be cycling? How often do you want to ride your bike? And, what’s the environment like (we’re talking cobbled streets, hills, built-up areas or smooth roads)?

How Far?

Your choice of bike needs to be able to last as long as you do, and it needs to be comfortable and efficient too.

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For Short Distances (Up To 5Km)

If you don’t use your bike every day, only need it for short distances, and/or mostly combine cycling with the bus, underground or car, you might want to consider a folding bike. It won’t take up much room in your home or garage and it’s easy to transport.

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For Distances Up To 10Km

A city bike is the one for you – it’s easy to use and lets you sit at 90°, so you get a wider field of vision. Look out for aluminium frames because they’ll give you the sturdiness you need for this kind of distance.

To make life even easier, make sure you can add accessories like a basket, saddlebag or pannier rack.

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For Distances Up To 30Km

30km is no mean feat, so you’ll need a bike that combines efficiency and performance – we’d recommend a trekking bike. Often likened to a touring bike, these bikes are perfect for long rides around town as well as in the countryside. They’re comfy and sturdy and can be equipped with saddlebags and other accessories that you might need for urban journeys.

Whatever distance you cycle, you can make pedalling easier by getting an electric bike. They come in a variety of styles, from folding bikes to classic Dutch bikes and will take a little of the heat off of you and help you go further with less effort.

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The Cycling Specialist

Safety is really important when cycling around town, so don't forget to kit yourself out with the essentials: helmet, lights, reflective jacket, bike lock, etc.