However, choosing the right clipless pedals is essential.
What’s The Difference?

There are two main families of clipless pedals: road pedals and mountain bike pedals.

Road pedals are designed with a large pedalling surface for transferring as much energy as possible from the cyclist's legs.

If You’Re Trying Clipless Pedals For The First Time 

Choose a model where you can adjust the tension. This type of pedal is easier to clip into and get out of. If the spring is stretched to the max, it will be easier to unclip from: all you need to do is flick of your heel to the side to free your shoe from the pedal. You can then tighten them up as you get used to them.

If You Already Use Clipless Pedals 

Choose a model with a large surface area. It’ll be able to hold your foot on the pedal more securely when you’re pedalling hard – we know the last thing you want to think about is your foot slipping when you’re racing towards that finishing line!
Clipless Road1.png


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