Read on for our top tips to help you choose the right gear for the season.
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The choice of your dinghy/catamaran clothing will largely depend on the season and the temperature you’ll be experiencing.

In Winter

In winter or when you’re likely to face very cold temperatures opt for:

- A fleece thermal top as the first layer, especially if you tend to feel the cold

- A neoprene suit that’s well adjusted to your height will enable you to keep warm without restricting your movement during your sailing session

- A smock is effective against chilly winds

In Summer
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Even if it’s hot, you always need to wear a neoprene suit . You’re more likely to get wet in a catamaran or a dinghy which, added to the effect of the wind, increases the chilly feeling.

The suit should prove sufficient to make you feel comfortable, however, it might be a good idea to take a smock with you on the boat in case the cold becomes a real problem.

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A Few More Tips

In order to protect your hands, choose the right gloves for your type of sailing.

There are three types of gloves:

- in hot weather, choose fingerless gloves

- in cold weather, deckhand gloves are recommended as they help grip ropes more easily

- in very cold weather, opt for neoprene gloves as they will provide you with better thermal comfort

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To ensure your feet remain comfortable, consider investing in boots designed for sailing. They have reinforced insteps to limit the wear of the straps, and non-slip soles