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DECATHLON's fitness brand offers useful suggestions for your workouts.

Choosing an exercise bike will depend on your fitness goals – whether you want to lose weight, keep up your fitness levels or push yourself to the next level will affect how often you’d use one and thus what kind to get. You’ll also need to think about the pedals and how they move, coaching and comfort. Let’s unpick each of those a bit more…

1. How Often Will You Use It?

Choosing an exercise bike depends on your fitness goals.

For Occasional Use

If you want to get back into sport or stay in shape , go for a bike with manual adjustments and simple programmes with basic information. These models are easy to use and ideal for occasional use.

For Regular Use

If you want to lose weight or tone up , we suggest choosing a model with various programmes to keep you motivated. Regular users or people who share their exercise bike will also want a comfier saddle, as well as a design that’s easy to mount and adjust to suit different heights.

For Intensive Usage

If you want to improve your athletic performances , go for a model with more features. We’re talking heart rate monitor and coaching solutions to push you to reach and exceed your goals.

2. The Pedals
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When it comes to an exercise bike, comfortable pedalling means a smooth motion without jerks. The flywheel weight is a major factor in this action, which is why we suggest choosing a model with a flywheel weighing at least 3kg for improved joint comfort. Remember that the heavier the flywheel, the more comfortable pedalling will be, especially if you plan to cycle regularly. You should try several models to find the level of pedalling comfort that suits you best.

3. Coaching
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Different exercise bikes offer different features:

Basic indicators on all exercise bikes will provide the information you need to start out: speed, distance, exercise time, average calories burnt, etc.

Various programmes such as weight loss, performance development and heart rate tracking are great to change up your workouts, track your progress and develop your performance. Top tip: for maximum accuracy on heart rate, opt for models with a heart rate strap.

Compatible applications for certain exercise bikes can give you a customised workout depending on your physical ability and goals. It’s like having a real coach at home!

4. Comfort
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Some exercise bikes have adjustable handlebars in addition to adjustable saddles that can be changed to suit your body. This is really important if you want to be in the right position thus reducing the risk of injury, improving your posture and getting the most out of your workout.

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Fitness Specialist

It’s important to adjust the height of the saddle in order to have a good pedalling position. To do this, stand next to your bike and move the saddle so it’s level with your hips.