And it’s really important to have good quality ice skates, not just for performance but also support, comfort and safety. So how do you make sure you choose the right ones?

Our Ice Sports Brand: Oxelo

Our ice sports brand offers expert advice for your time at the rink.

You should choose your figure skates depending on the level of support, comfort and warmth you need.

Figure Skates

Oxelo offers three types of figure skate depending on the level you’re at:

Ice Skates_2.jpg
Artistic 0 Skate

The Artistic 0 skate provides good support, enough to keep your ankle safe during various moves and jumps.

Ice Skates_3.jpg
Artistic 1 Warm Skate

This skate provides plenty of support as well as comfort thanks to the anatomic foam lining.

Ice Skates_4.jpg
Artistic 3 Skate

Besides support and comfort, this skate provides good thermal insulation, which is ideal for practicing outside in the early mornings.

Ice Skates_5.png

Ice Sports Specialist

Remember to wipe your skates with a clean, dry cloth after each session to stop them rusting.

Also remember to have your skates regularly sharpened so that they stay grippy and give you a good quality glide