Sunglasses Concept
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Product managers, engineers, laboratory staff: all these optics specialists work together to design our sunglasses.

There are two types of OTG sunglasses: wear-over and clip-on. Which is best for you?

1. Wear-Over Sunglasses
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Slightly larger than your eyeglasses, wear-over sunglasses fit over your prescription glasses . They’re just like any other sunglasses, just slightly bigger, and provide full UVA & UVB protection. Choose polycarbonate lenses if you’re likely to drop or scrape your sunglasses as they’re more resistant to impact.

Remember to check the size of your prescription glasses and the size of the wear-over sunglasses to make sure they’re compatible.

2. Clip-Ons
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Clip-ons comprise two lenses, which provide full UV protection and fit over your prescription lenses. As the name suggests, they simply clip onto the nose bridge of your glasses, and they’re really convenient because you can easily flip up the sun lenses with a single action to switch to clear lenses.

To make sure you are protected from glare, ensure that your normal lenses are properly covered by the sun lenses.

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Optics Specialist

Whether you’re choosing wear-over sunglasses or clip-ons, opt for polarised lenses to reduce sun reflections.