It’ll provide support and comfort and protect your bust from the effects of energetic movements. But with SO many different styles to choose from, whch one is right for you?
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DECATHLON's fitness brand offers helpful tips for your workout.

What kind of sports bra you choose will largely depend on the intensity and impact level of your activities. Then you can dig deeper into how much support you need from it, how breathable or moisture-wicking it is and ultimately, how comfortable it is.

1. Bust Support
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Depending on the intensity of your workouts, your bust is subject to differing levels of impact and will need a different level of support.

For low-impact activities such as yoga, Pilates or gentle gymnastics, pick a sports bra that promises light support without unnecessary compression.

For moderate-impact activities, such as choreographed classes or cross training, opt for a medium-support sports bra for optimal support and good perspiration wicking (more on that in a bit).

For high-impact activities, choose a sports bra with strong support that can reduce bust movement by up to 50%. This kinds of sports bra is ideal for step classes, anything involving jumping or running.

2. Perspiration Wicking
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If your workout is low-impact and doesn’t make you sweat too much, it’s best to choose soft and stretchy fabrics for freedom of movement rather than focusing on moisture-wicking properties.

Whereas for medium to high-intensity activities, you should choose technical fabrics with a muscle back for better perspiration wicking.

3. Comfort
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A good sports bra is key to feeling supported and comfortable while you’re working out. Agreed? Great. So, to enhance those comfort levels there are a few things to look out for…

Opt for soft and stretchy fabrics that will move with your body (not restrict it) and designs with minimal seams to prevent irritation.

The comfort of a sports bra also depends on choosing the right size. To find the right size, measure your bust circumference using a measuring tape.

Sports bras also have various adjustments to help you achieve a perfect fit. High-impact styles will have more adjustments for a personalised and comfortable result.

Lastly, just like with any sports clothing, be sure to try on your sports bra before buying it to make sure it’s right for you.