KIPSTA offers a full range of protective products depending on the area you want to protect and the type of support you're after. These products conform to the European standard for trauma limitation during impacts. So, how do you choose the right shin pads?
Our Football Brand
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Decathlon's football brand offers you useful advices for your football practice.

You should choose your shin pads according to the protection areas and types of support you are looking for.

1. Protection Areas And Type Of Support

A shin pad is made of different parts – a simple shin protection, an ankle protection which is either attached or separated, and a support sock.) You can choose your shin pads according to the type of protection and support you're looking for:

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Shin Protection

For simple shin protection, you’ll probably want a product that can be quickly attached via two elastic bands, which help keep the shin pads secure and adjustable. For this we recommend shin pads from our F200 range. You can use an elastic sleeve to keep the shin pad in place, providing extra support. For this we recommend products in our F180 range. When wearing shin pads, don't forget to use a support – it's essential!

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Shin And Ankle Protection

For enhanced shin and ankle protection (including malleoli protection), you should look for a product with an integral (but also detachable) ankle strap with a quick and easy elastic band fastener for a precise fit. We recommend choosing from our F140 product range. If you're after a product that combines all these protective features and has a sock fastening for optimal support, check out the F700 model. This model has three shin protection features which can be used together or on their own: a sleeve (which can be used on its own or with the protection pad), a protection pad and an ankle support (which can be used on its own or with the shin pad).

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Football Specialist

Remember that it is compulsory to wear shin pads in competitive matches. When searching for the right shin pads, make sure you choose them according to your size and not your age or you could be in for a surprise!