However, it can be dangerous and tricky to get the hang off if you’re not used to being on the ice, which puts a lot of people off. We’re here to say – don’t worry! With the right ice hockey skates (that’s ones that protect your feet from getting hit by players' sticks and stop your ankles from twisting if you fall) and a little practice, you’ll be well on your way to playing with the pros.
Our Ice Sports Brand
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Our ice sports brand offers expert advice for your sporting practice.

You should choose your hockey skates based on where you’re at with your practice, i.e. beginner, getting better or expert.

Your Standard

You should choose your hockey skates based on your standard.

For Novices

The XLR 0 hockey skates are comfortable for beginners to wear, particularly as this team sport is the fastest in the world.

For Intermediates

The XLR 3 hockey skate has a stiffer upper that provides more support. It will allow you to start training with a team and improve your skills.

For Experts

The S140 hockey skate, or the X300 by BAUER, will give you both comfort, support, and protection when blocking the puck or in case you get hit by another player's stick during club training sessions or official matches.

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Ice Sports Specialist

Remember to wipe your skates with a clean, dry cloth after each session. This will stop them rusting. Also remember to have your skates regularly sharpened so that they stay grippy and give you a good quality glide.