Hybrid bikes are a good compromise between the city, countryside, sports and recreation. These comfy, sturdy bikes are just as good on earthy tracks as they are on the tarmac.You should choose your hybrid bike based on the length of your rides.

How Long Do You Ride For?

The time you plan to spend on your bike is an important factor in choosing your bike. You'll need something very different for 45-minute rides to what you'll want for 3-hour ones...

For rides of no more than 45 minutes

‍Play it safe and prioritise sturdiness: a steel frame and rigid fork don't need much adjustment and maintenance.

For rides of 45 minutes to 2 hours

‍The bike's weight will start to become more important. The best option is a frame made from aluminium. A suspension fork will make things more comfortable by absorbing bumps in the ground, potholes, etc. Ergonomic handlebars also keep you comfy as they are easier on your hands

For rides of no more than 2 hours

‍Go for a light, comfy bike. The most important criteria to take into account are front and rear suspension, a gel saddle and strengthened wheels, more speeds so that you can tackle difficult hills, and disc brakes for more effective braking in all weather conditions.