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Many of us ride our bikes for pleasure or to get from A to B, and we don’t expect to have to think about things like inner tubes. But you should – and it isn’t difficult. When it comes to choosing yours, all you need to know is what kind of bike you have, your valve type, and the dimensions of your tyres. Easy!

1. Bike Type

Mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, kids’ bike and BMSs all need different tyres, and therefore a different inner tube (except in the case of tubeless tyres, which have a ‘built-in’ inner tube made from a waterproof membrane).

2. Valve Type

Schrader Valves

Also known as an ‘auto valve’, this type of valve lets you inflate your inner tube at service stations. It’s easy to use and sturdy, as well as being compatible with classic bike pumps.

Presta Valves

The thinner Presta valve is common on road bikes. You have to unscrew this kind of valve in order to inflate your inner tube but it’s really easy to do.

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3. Tyre Dimensions

To find out what size inner tube you need, you can check your bike's tyre or your old inner tube .

The dimension will be given in the format " diameter × minimum width / maximum width ".

A diameter of 700mm is a 28-inch tyre.

A diameter of 650mm is a 26-inch tyre.

For example, if your bike has a tyre with a diameter of 700mm and a width of 20mm, a " 700 × 18/25 " inner tube is what you need.

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Cycling Specialist

Remember to inflate your inner tubes to the pressure recommended on the tyre at least once a month.

You can also get self-repairing inner tubes: they contain a liquid that will fill holes measuring less than 3mm.