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Our watersports brand provides expert advice on your water-based activities.

You can choose a kayak paddle according to several criteria, for example…

1. How Often You Practice

We can break this down into two categories:

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Occasional Trips

If you’re only venturing out onto the water every few months or a couple of times a year, choose an aluminium paddle. It’s shock resistant, which is handy because you’re more likely to bash it around a bit while you get back into the swing of things.

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Regular Trips

For regular kayakers, a fibre or carbon paddle is best. It’s lighter and will enhance your speed and performance – assuming you know what you’re doing.

2. Paddle Type
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Detachable or fixed paddles

1) First up in the detachable category we have four-piece paddles, which are very compact; they’ll slip into your kayak bag and take up very little space.

2) Alternatively, two-piece paddles are quite compact but more robust, making them the ideal compromise.

3) Fixed paddles are more robust but less compact. If you are a regular user, this paddle will have less play.

3. Your Size
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To find the right size kayak paddle for you, simply hold your arm above your head with the bottom of the paddle on the floor – lean it against something if you want, but make sure it’s straight or get someone to hold it next to you. The paddle on the floor must reach your wrist (+10 cm for inflatable kayaks).

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