How to Choose Your Kids Tyre?

On kids' bikes, classic tyres (not made from plastic) guarantee good grip on the ground. But not all tyres are the same, so we're here to help you choose!


How To Choose Your Kids Tyre?

How to Choose Your Kids Tyre?



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You should choose your kids' bike tyre based on how it will be used and the size.

1. Usage

Whether it's for city cycling or BMX tricks, every discipline has its own kind of tyre!

For Mountain Biking

You should choose a tyre with lugs that are grouped together along the central band and spread out on the sides.

For Urban Cycling

Choose a tyre with few lugs for better grip on roads and paths.

For BMX Street Biking

Choose a tyre with small lugs and a fairly wide section for maximum grip and cushioning when doing tricks.

For BMX Racing

Choose a tyre with more pronounced lugs for better grip on turns.

2. The Tyre's Diameter

12, 14, 16, 20 or 24 inches: you'll find the tyre size on the side of your old tyre (in millimetres ETRTO 40-559 or in inches 24”x1.95).