But let’s rewind a bit. How do you choose the right skis for children? Here are our tips:

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There are three key things you need to think about when it comes to choosing your kids’ skis: their skill level and height, and ski shape.

1. Skill Level

There are two skill levels for kids, beginner or improving.

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You child is a beginner if they’re taking their first steps on skis, of course, but also if they spend most of their ski day at a kids’ club or on the smallest slopes.

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This is your child if she is making progress, knows how to stop, has mastered snowplough turns, and is getting the hang of parallel skiing.

2. Size
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Beginners can choose a pair of skis between 5 and 15cm shorter than them. The shorter the ski, the easier it is to control and turn, and the more likely your child’s confidence is to grow. Choose flexible skis for even greater manoeuvrability.

For children making progress, choose a pair of skis that finish between the top of their head and 5cm shorter than them. The aim? That your child will develop with skis that are the same size as them and moving onto adult skis will be easy.

Taking really small children with you?

If you kids are between two and three years’ old, go for snowblades, so s/he can ‘walk’ in them, and stay with them while they get the hang of it.

From the age of four, she can get started with junior skis.

Of course, if a child is tall enough (1.50m) and heavy enough (45kg) and has reached the advanced level, they can use adult skis.

3. Ski Shape

Today, young skiers have lots of different ski shapes and widths to choose from, and it’s not always easy to find the right one. Don’t worry though, the shape of your skis doesn't really matter very much when you’re starting out. More often than not it’s a case of letting your budding pro try a few different styles as she progresses and allowing them figure out what works best for them. One thing that can help you with their first skis though is the rocker style.

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The tip rocker: The tip lifts off the ground sooner than on a ‘classic’ ski, which means it’s easier to turn, while still maintaining perfect grip. It's the ideal shape for making progress.

The double rocker: These are skis where the tip as well as the heel lift earlier than on a ‘classic’ ski. This technology makes the ski very versatile, but it's less easy to make progress over time.