Our guide is here to help you figure out which Tennis racket will give your kids the best introduction to the world of Tennis and will ensure they stick to the sport while getting better on a daily!

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Our racket sports brand offers tips to help improve your gameplay.

The most important factor in choosing a junior racket is what level your child plays at – is it their first time on the court or are they a mini Murray? In addition to this, the size of the racket in relation to your child is also important.

1. Your Kid'S Playing Level

Whether your child is only just starting tennis or has been playing for a while, it’s vital to choose a racket based on his or her playing level.

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Occasional Practice

First and foremost, the racket must be easy to handle.

When your child is learning to play tennis or any other racket sport, he or she might be playing anything from once a year to once a month.

They will therefore need an aluminium, composite racket.

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Regular And Intensive Practice

Your child will be looking for power and tolerance.

They will be playing between once and several times per week.

In order to progress, we recommend a graphite and composite racket with a contact surface of 654cm² and that is head-heavy.

2. Your Kid'S Height
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Next, consider the height of your child. It goes without saying that an adult racket will not be suitable for your child, especially when he or she is still a beginner.

Here’s a handy guide to choosing the right one for their size:

Height 89 to 100cm / Age 2 to 4 years: Size 19 rackets

Height 101 to 112cm / Age 4 to 6 years: Size 21 rackets

Height 113 to 125cm / Age 6 to 8 years: Size 23 rackets

Height 126 to 140cm / Age 8 to 10 years: Size 25 rackets

Height 141 to 165cm / Age 10 to 12 years: Size 26 rackets