If you want to ride through the whole season, you’ll need a long-sleeved cycling jersey – whether you choose to use it as your underlayer, second layer or outer layer is up to you.

There are three key questions to ask yourself when picking the right long-sleeved cycling jersey for you. Firstly, what will the outside temperature be? Secondly, what’s you’re riding position? And lastly, how far do you plan to cycle?


Let’s focus on the fabric of your long-sleeved cycling jersey, because that’s what will determine how warm or cool you feel during your ride. Thin fabrics work best as a first or second layer and should be paired with another layer for optimal warmth. Another option is a fleece-lined fabric, which isn’t super thick – and thus, is still breathable – and has good stretch to enhance the fit and your comfort. The list goes on; they’re quick-drying and a go-to for regular road cycling.

Cycling style

Next, think about the kind of cycling you do. For example, regular road cyclists tend to ride in a low-down position, so it’s important to look out for long-sleeved cycling jerseys that are low at the back and higher at the front to ensure full coverage.


How long you ride for will also affect the kind of long-sleeved cycling jersey that’s best for you. It’s common sense really: the further you’re going, the more things you’ll need with you, like a repair kit, your phone, wallet, snacks and energy gels. Going the distance? Pick a jersey with plenty of pockets at the back, ideally with zip fastenings to keep your stuff safe and a waterproof lining if you know you’ll be riding in the rain.

Looking after your cycling jersey

It may seem obvious but it’s really important to follow the washing instructions on the label of your cycling jersey, so it can stand the test of time and keep you protected. And don’t use fabric conditioner, as it can mess with its insulating properties.