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Decathlon's dance brand offers useful suggestions for your practice.

Choosing modern dance shoes depends on your skill level. You'll want to consider the different sole options as well as other comfort criteria, such as breathability, grip and cushioning.

1. The Sole
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Each modern jazz shoe features a sole that should allow proper movement of the foot. There are two types of soles for your shoes: full sole and split sole.

A full sole is recommended for beginners because it offers better stability when learning. A split sole is best for more advanced dancers because it has a flexible arch for greater freedom of movement. It also allows for maximum extension at the instep.

2. Fabric Type
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The key thing to remember here is that leather and fabric are much more breathable than synthetic materials and won’t make your feet feel constricted or sweaty during tricky routines.

3. Grip
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Choose from rubber, leather or suede soles for different levels of traction. A split-style sole will help improve grip and prevent slips.

4. Cushioning
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Shoes with a small heel tab are good for limiting impact and absorbing shock when your foot hits the floor. Decide which level of comfort you want: if you want to have better contact with the floor, you won't want to have a heel tab; if you'd rather have more cushioning while dancing, opt for a model with one.