But there are other things to think about when choosing your MTB tyre...
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Helpful tips for your cycling practice.

You should choose your mountain bike tyre based on three criteria: the kind of terrain you’ll be riding on, the tyre's diameter and its tread.

You’ve probably chosen a mountain bike because you’re going to be off-road most of the time, and thus you’ll need to choose tyres with more bumpy bits on them – they’ll offer better traction on trails. Bikes that are mostly destined for the road need tyres that are much smoother.

1. The Tyre'S Diameter

To find out the size of tyre you need, you should look at your old tyre. Be sure to choose the right diameter (26”, 27.5” or 29”) and ‘section’ or width (1.2 to 2.4) which you will find on the side of the tyres.

2. The Type Of Tread

Flex Bead

This type of tread is lighter and easier to transport – you can even fold the tyre.

Stiff Bead

A stiff bead tyre will be heavier but easier to assemble and more robust.

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Cycling Specialist

Remember to inflate your inner tubes to the pressure recommended on the tyre at least once a month.