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The Decathlon kayak and stand up paddle brand has lots of useful tips and tricks to make the most of your time on the water.

There are several things to consider when choosing a stand up paddle board:

1. Your Level

ITIWIT suggests two categories for stand up paddling:

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Occasional Trips - Beginner

If you’re a beginner, you should opt for a strong and economical aluminium paddle. You’re more likely to graze the sea floor or your board and be a bit less graceful with it when you’re starting out, so something that can withstand you learning is essential. Also, aluminium paddles are cheaper so great if you just want to try the sport on for size.

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Regular Trips / Racing - Experienced

If you’re experienced, you should go for a carbon or fiberglass paddle. This kind of paddle is lightweight and efficient and allows you to really take control.

2. The Type Of Paddle
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Paddles are either adjustable, detachable or fixed.

1) Adjustable paddles do what they say on the tin and can be adapted according to your size or your activity level.

2) Detachable paddles are more compact, and can be broken down two pieces and fit into a stand up paddle bag (89cm). You’ll also be able to adjust it according to your size or activity level.

3) Fixed paddles are made for one person, so unlike the other two types of paddles, you won’t be able to share them amongst a group or loan them to friends. They are howeverlighter than adjustable paddles.

3. Your Size
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To know which size of stand up paddle will suit you the best, hold it straight in front of you with the blade on the floor Your wrist should be able to just about bend over the paddle handle when your arm is extended above your head. If you’re past beginner stage or want a paddle for specific activities, read on.


Paddle length = your size + 17 to 27cm


Paddle length = your size + 20 to 30cm (a longer paddle will give you more power, a better extension and a better position).


Paddle length = your size + 10 to 20cm (a shorter paddle will be less cumbersome).

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