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Picking a padel ball is an important step on your route into this fun sport, and you should choose yours based on how it feels as you play, but also your level of play. The shape of your racket will play an important role too.

1. Expectations Regarding Balls

The selection of a padel ball will depend on how often you play and how experienced you are.

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For Occasional Practice

For occasional practice, you should focus on the degree of bounce the ball offers. With this in mind, pressure-less balls will be of most interest to those who only play on an occasional basis. A slow bounce will facilitate rallies and your comfort as you strike.

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For Regular Practice

For regular play, the first thing you need is durability to allow you to get greater enjoyment from your paddle tennis sessions. As such, pressurised balls are great. These balls are more lively, with a nice bounce.

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For Intensive Practice

Finally, intensive play will require greater speed on the ball, and so it’s worth going for a pressurised ball with excellent bounce and a ball that will allow you to apply spin.

2. Pressurised Ball Vs Pressure-Less Balls
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Pressure-less balls have a thicker rubber core, offering a longer product life. In contrast, pressurised balls are lighter and offer improved comfort during play.