Changing your grip will allow you to do different exercises and focus on different areas such as your arms, back and core. Follow our guide to find the right model for you.
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There are two types of pull-up bars: those that fit onto a door frame and those that hook onto a wall. Those that fit onto a door frame are held up by pressure, meaning you won’t need to drill any holes and can remove it whenever you like. To choose between these two types of bars, there are five criteria to consider: solidity, versatility, compactness, ergonomic grip and ease of installation.

1. Solidity
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The solidity of the bar and frame resistance are key. Look at the weight different models can hold onto (the maximum weight generally varies between 130kg and 150kg). For removable bars, good grip is essential: resistant rubber that is well affixed to the bar ensures that you can train safely without wreaking havoc on your home.

2. Versatility
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You should choose your bar based on the part of your body you want to work on. Be sure to look at the number of possible grips and the suggested exercises: chin-ups, push-ups, dips, shoulder and arm work, etc. For more intense workouts, opt for a bar with a wall attachment. This kind of bar is more stable and sturdier so that you can do a wide range of exercises and even use it while weighing yourself down with a weights vest or belt for more of a challenge.

3. Compactness
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Certain pull-up bars are easy to store, can fold up and fold down against the wall. This is an important feature if you're looking to save space.

4. Ergonomic Grip
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Test how comfortable different bars are. Those that feature thick, durable foam will be more comfortable, especially if you plan to do many different exercises or use it for extended periods of time.

5. How Easy It Is To Assemble And Dismantle
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Bars that can be installed in a door frame are very practical because they require no holes to be drilled, while the pressure system allows you to easily and quickly put it up or take it down.

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For your safety, it’s essential to fix your pull-up bar onto something resistant like a door or load-bearing wall.