Choosing between road running socks, trail running socks, low socks or even compression sleeves can be complicated, but after a quick read of this guide, you’ll know which kind is right for you.
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Useful tips from DECATHLON’s running and trail running brand.

Before you even start looking for running socks, you need to know what kind of surface or ‘field’ you’ll be running on i.e. road or trail (basically, smooth or sporadic). Then think about what benefits you want from your running socks.

1. Type Of Field

KALENJI offers a wide range of running socks designed to meet your expectations whatever your running field.

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Trail Running

Some of our socks will make your run more comfortable when it comes to uneven ground and trails. They’re designed to give you better ankle support and shock protection on your calves and will help prevent sprains Compression socks or sleeves will help facilitate blood backflow and reduce muscle fatigue . An added bonus, they’ll also help you to adapt quicker to different weather conditions, reducing the risk of injury.

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Flat Running

Road-running or flat running socks are more focused on comfort . So you can expect them to be soft, light and super breathable.

2. What Are You Needs?

KALENJI offers a range of running socks designed with the intensity of your runs and extra needs like compression and cut in mind:

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Depending on the weather conditions and intensity of your runs, you’ll want a different thickness of fabric to effectively wick away perspiration and make you feel more comfortable. All our product pages feature a little blurb to tell you how thick and breathable that specific pair of socks are. For stability and extra moisture-wicking, many of these socks also have reinforced zones.

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The KALENJI compression sleeves will help reduce muscle fatigue and facilitate blood backflow.

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Low Socks

More than just for aesthetics, low running socks are cut that way to make you more comfortable while running – you won’t have to worry about pulling them up mid-sprint either!

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Running and athletics product manager

"In order to benefit from the best comfort possible, we, runners, need specific socks according to our running field"