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The choice of the snorkeling kit depends on your snorkeling skill level, and on what you want to do.
1. Snorkeling Kits At Decathlon

Mask-Snorkel Kit

Fin Mask Snorkeling Kit 

This kit is similar to a mask-snorkel kit, except that it includes a set of fins. These fins are generally flexible and light in order to provide you with enough power during your snorkeling.

Easybreath Fins Kit

This kit is intended for adults, or children over the age of 10 years. The Easybreath, an innovation from the Subea brand, is a mask intended for surface use only! The kit also includes light and flexible fins, perfect for snorkeling.
2. The Components Of A Snorkeling Kit


Your snorkeling mask must, first of all, be comfortable and ensure the best possible seal. A single window mask is best for snorkeling, that way you have a clear field of vision in order to admire the underwater fauna and flora. However, a dual-window mask can do the job just as well.

Another criterion to consider when selecting your mask is the strap. It can be made of silicon or textile. A silicone strap will ensure that the mask stays on your head more securely, but it isn’t necessarily ideal for long hair… In this case, you’ll want a textile strap. This means less chance of tangling your hair when you remove your mask.

The Different Types Of Snorkels

A snorkel is what you use to breathe underwater, to make the pleasure of your snorkeling excursion last as long as possible. For your snorkel, you can choose from amongst several models. a classical snorkel, a snorkel with a valve, or a snorkel with a splash guard.

The simplest of all is a classical snorkel. It’s perfectly suitable when you start snorkeling. A snorkel with a valve makes it possible to clear any water in the snorkel. Blowing gently into your snorkel will drive out the water via this valve. Finally, a snorkel with a splash guard will serve to limit water entry into the upper part of your snorkel. It provides a degree of protection so that you don’t get a mouthful of water. Some snorkels also come with both a valve and a splash guard.


Snorkeling fins are generally of the full-foot type. For a beginner, small, flexible and light fins are best. Indeed, long and more rigid fins are intended for more intense use, and therefore require a higher degree of proficiency. Also give some thought to choosing the width of the blade of your fins, which will determine their power. More power also means more effort from you while finning.