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Product managers, engineers, laboratory staff – we gather all our optics specialists together to design these sunglasses.

There are three different types of sports sunglasses: mountain sports sunglasses, which are best for hiking and skiing, water sports sunglasses (so that’s sailing, kitesurfing, and kayaking), and cycling and running sunglasses.

1. Hiking And Skiing Sunglasses
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In the mountains, UV rays are even stronger because of the high altitude and reflective snow, so it’s very important to protect your eyes. Wraparound sunglasses are best for hiking and skiing as they have a curved shape that will fit flush against your head and face, keeping them in place and stopping even a shred of light getting in.

2. Sailing And Kitesurfing Sunglasses
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Whether you sail on the open seas, kitesurf in the bay, or kayak down rivers, sunglasses are an essential to protect your eyes. You’re less protected from the sun by things like trees and buildings, and surrounded by light-reflecting water.

But what if you drop them? You wouldn’t be the first to admit you’ve lost a pair of sunglasses to the sea or riverbed (!), which is why most water sports-friendly sunglasses are now designed to float. Clever, eh?

3. Cycling And Running Sunglasses
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Cycling and running sunglasses have a specific shape to help prevent fogging . Most styles are semi-rimless, making them very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

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Optical Specialist

"Check that the lenses of your sport sunglasses have a full UV filter to protect you from the sun's harmful rays. And opt for polycarbonate lenses – they’re highly shock-resistant.”