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Out watersports brand offers expert advice for your time on the water.

1. Your Level

According to ITIWIT, there are two levels in stand up paddling:

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Stand Up Paddle For Occasional Trips - Beginners

This is you if you’re a first timer. You’ll prefer a strong and economical aluminium paddle.

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Stand Up Paddle For Regular Trips / Racing - Experienced

This is you if you’re experienced. You’ll want a carbon or fibreglass paddle that’s lighter and more efficient.

2. The Type Of Paddle

Paddles are fixed, adjustable or detachable/adjustable.

Adjustable paddles

This kind of paddle allows you to adjust it according to your size or your activity level, and makes it easier to lend to your friends and family.

Detachable/adjustable paddles

More compact, this kind of paddle can be detached into two pieces and fit into a stand up paddle bag (89 cm). You’ll also be able to adjust it according to your size and activity level, and thus can share it with fellow paddle boarders.

Fixed paddles

Fixed paddles are designed for one person. They are pleasantly lighter than adjustable paddles.

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3. Your Weight
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4. Compactness
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