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As a racket sports brand we have plenty of advice to help you with your game.

Your choice of tennis shoes will be made on several criteria: the level you play at, the different types of court surfaces you practice on and also the technical features of the products.

1.Playing Level

Artengo offers three types of shoes depending on your skill level:

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For Occasional Use

If you make it out to play on a less than regular basis, go for comfortable shoes such as the 700 Series ones.

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For Regular Use

If your playing frequency is average, you should look for better cushioning in order to protect your joints. For enhanced cushioning, go for the 800 Series.

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For Intensive Use

Designed for highly intense sessions, go for the 900 Series if you are looking for optimal comfort coupled with good durability.

2. The Different Types Of Court Surfaces

The court surface you play on will also affect which tennis shoes are best for you. The difference will lie primarily in the sole.

- Choose a pair with good grip (look out for a chevron design on the sole) if you play on clay

- For hard courts go for high durability

- Finally, if you are only just taking up tennis, don't hesitate to head for the " all-surface " shoes, which will allow you to learn more about what suits you and build your confidence

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3. Comfort
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Comfort is an undeniable asset for tennis players. The level of comfort your tennis shoes provide will depend on the shape of what is referred to as the ‘upper’ of the shoe. The insole and the cushioning at the sole also play an important role when it comes to the comfort of the shoe. Rest assured, comfort is one of the most researched factors at the Decathlon Research and Development Centre, so our handpicked selection of tennis shoes are a great place to start.

​ 4. Cushioning
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Cushioning is essential for all tennis players, regardless of their level. Tennis is a sport in which heavy contact with the court surface can quickly begin to cause joint pain. So, it goes without saying that you should try to choose a pair of shoes that are well cushioned, with a view to preventing potential injuries.

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Tennis Shoes Product Manager

It may seem obvious, but to get the most out of your tennis shoes, be sure to purchase the right size. Too small and you’ll be in pain, especially if you have to stop abruptly. Too big and you won’t be sufficiently supported during sideways movements.