A good one will reduce the impact of wind on your body temperature while you’re cycling and repel small amounts of water (for full waterproofing, you’ll need a cycling jacket with sealed seams).

As the name suggests, ultra-light cycling jackets are super lightweight – just 90g! – and easy to store on the move. Pop yours into the accompanying bag and pack away in your rucksack, or if you’re in a rush or trying to travel light, just scrunch it up, shove it into your jersey pocket and go.

…but mighty

Ultra-light cycling jackets might look and feel a bit on the thin side, but they’re really durable. The strong ripstop material used to make them is resistant to tears, which is ideal for cyclists. We’ve all been caught out by low branches, misjudged walls and even our own bikes, haven’t we?

The types of ultra-light cycling jacket

If you’re looking for extra protection from the elements or riding in winter, opt for a long-sleeved ultra-light cycling jacket. Any other time, you’ll probably prefer a sleeveless or gilet-style ultra-light cycling jacket because it allows you to regulate your core body temperature, whilst keeping your arms cool – the best of all worlds.

In recent years, a new breed of ultra-light jacket has appeared on the scene, and guess what, it’s waterproof. They’re crafted from performance fabrics with taped seams and are perfect for regular riders and pro cyclists who want to ride for longer in wet conditions.