It’s very simple really – you glide over the water powered by the wind. But you’ll need a good windsurfing board. Read on for our top tips on choosing yours whether you’re a beginning or looking to take your passion up a gear.
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Your choice of windsurfing board should be based on three criteria: the type of windsurfing you do, its compactness and your build.

1. The Type Of Windsurfing And Your Level
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If you’re a beginner , you’ll want to go sailing in a light to medium wind . You’re looking for stability, ease of use and the possibility to make long tacks by heading towards the wind with good quality gliding. All this points to a long, high-volume board with a centreboard.

If you’re a beginner and want to windsurf in moderate to strong winds or have some experience and want more of a challenge, you’ll be looking for good gliding potential and manoeuvrability – that last one’s because you’ll need to change direction and readjust at a brisk pace. All things considered, a shorter and lighter board fitted with a retractable centreboard and footstraps on the deck is best for you.

2. Its Compactness
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Inflatable Boards

The advantage of inflatable boards is that they’re easy to transport as they can be inflated in just seven minutes (yours will come with a pump) and once in its cover, it will fit easily in the boot of your car.

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Rigid Boards

Rigid boards are hard-wearing but cumbersome. You’ll need roof rails on your car.

3. Your Build

When you’re perusing our range of boards, look out for the recommended weight level to guarantee stability and buoyancy.

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320 LITRES: between 80 and 100kg

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170 LITRES: between 50 and 80kg

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By removing the centreboard from these two boards, they can be turned into a stand up paddle in a matter of seconds.