Struggling to choose your windsurfing rig? Struggle no more! Just read on for our easy-to-follow checklist of what to look for…
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Your choice of windsurf rig should be based on three criteria: the type of windsurfing you do, your build and the strength of the wind.

1. The Type Of Windsurfing You Do And Your Level

Fabric Rig

If you’re a beginner and sail at a slow to moderate pace when the sea is flat, you’ll need a simple, light and solid solution. The best option is a rig made with Dacron material enabling you to improve easily, without worrying about your gear. This rig comes with a mast, wishbone, base, mast foot and uphaul.


Monofilm Rig

If you practice on a regular basi s and want to improve in moderate to strong winds , you’ll be looking for a rig that’s easy to hold when manoeuvring, and one that reacts well. You need a monofilm rig, which is light and really simple to use. Keep in mind that the size of the mast and wishbone must be compatible with the sail.

2. Your Build

When choosing a windsurfing rig, you’ll need to take your build into account to ensure the best possible gliding. The smaller your rig, the easier it will be to handle, remove from the water and stand upright. However, for well-built people, we recommend using a large rig. We sell different rigging areas: 3m2; 4.5m2; 5.5m2; 6.5m2.



3 m²


Adults - 70 KG

4.5 m2


Adults + 70 Kg

5.5 m² / 6.5 m²

3. Wind Strength

The rig is the part of your windsurfing board that, depending on the weather conditions, must be adapted and adjusted. The stronger the wind, the smaller the area of your sail . Conversely, the lighter the wind, the more the area of your sail must be increased. With experience you’ll get the knack of choosing the right surfaces for the conditions you’re sailing in. And since practice makes perfect, you should probably head over to our range of windsurfing equipment and prepare to hit the water.



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Something to remember: monofilm rigging is more fragile in case of impact and mustn’t be left long in the sun otherwise it’ll go yellow.