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DECATHLON's fitness brand offers useful suggestions for your practice.

How your workout clothes feel – no matter the type of exercise – is important, and particularly with yoga, you’ll need gear that offers lots of freedom of movement and wicks away perspiration.

1. Softness
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For gentle yoga styles such as hatha, yin, restorative or prenatal, which tend to focus on slower postures and breathing, you'll want your yoga clothes to offer a greater level of comfort. Look out for cotton pieces that are soft and keep you warm – this style of yoga isn’t as intense as others, so you won’t find yourself getting as hot. Consider investing in a cosy sweatshirt too for slower practices or for moments of meditation and breathing exercises. Roll it up and it’ll double as extra support beneath your sit bones or knees in certain poses.

2. Freedom Of Movement
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For gentle yoga that doesn't require a lot of contortion, choose loose-fitting clothing so you can freely move from position to position and feel relaxed.

More dynamic styles of yoga such as ashtanga, vinyasa or practices that take place in a warm room require considerable agility and flexibility, so opt for a slim-fitting second-skin yoga clothing to feel at ease, especially during inverted postures. For extra comfort, look out for designs that are seamless or have ultra-flat seams to prevent irritation.

3. Moisture-Wicking
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Moisture management is essential for comfort in dynamic yoga where you’ll be working up a sweat. For this type of yoga, choose lightweight clothing in technical, breathable fabrics that wick perspiration away from the skin to keep you dry and cool.