This fun skate sport will help kids practice balancing and coordinate their movements. But are there different skates for beginners, intermediates and experts? In short, yes.

Our Urban Sports Brand
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Our urban sports brand offers expert advice for your roller skating.

You should choose your kids' skates based on their skating skill level.

Their Standard

OXELO offers three kinds of skates to match your kids' standard:

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For Novices

Beginners just getting into skate sports, who are learning balance and coordination.

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Intermediates already have some experience of skate sports and can perform the basics: getting up, pushing off, turning and braking using the toe stop.

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Experts want to skate for a long time and pick up speed. They can do tight turns and T-stops. They can choose their direction, do emergency stops and avoid or get past an obstacle.

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Roller Specialist

Falling over is a normal part of learning to skate. If you want to prevent injury, it's best to wear a helmet and protective pads