Finding good Tennis partners are essential to improving your game and having the most fun within the sport. So here are a few things you might need to consider: their level, your level, their location, which clubs or courts they use and how often a week you wish to play. Weighing all these factors here are some useful tips and tricks to increase your network of players.
Start with your local club

Ask to speak with a coach or director from your local tennis club. Let them know what your level of play is (beginner, intermediate, advanced, 2.5-5.0, etc), and that you are looking for a training partner. The staff-member will generally be delighted to have someone that their students can practice with. In the end it might make their job a little easier. The coach may even ask you to hit in with the student during a lesson to see how you match up. Not a bad deal! No matter if you’re looking for a partner in London or Shanghai this technique will find you someone to play with in no time!

Try to make friends at tournaments

Tournaments are a great place to find similar and high-level players who you can train with. As with all things, it pays dividends to socialise and network when you aren’t playing or preparing for your matches. You can meet tons of new training partners through tournaments, simply by saying hi, complementing how they play, and exchanging phone numbers. This might seems awkward but we’re all here to try to improve our level of play. This is one of the best places to find players, because they are all competing at a high-level and want to get better, just like you do.

Get your name out there

We’ve seen players stick a piece of paper with their contact information on the tennis court fence or on a bulletin board. Be sure to include some information about yourself, i.e. when you’re available and your Tennis level. The best bet here is to include several tearable (not to be confused with terrible!) slips of paper with your name and phone number and/or email. If you have any privacy concerns (use this at your own risk!), just include your first name and create a separate email address for this purpose. Normally, at least a couple of these slips are taken from the post. Before you know it, you’ll find a Tennis partner in your area.

What if you’re shy?

If all else fails, search for Tennis partner apps in your phone’s app store and see which of them work for you. A couple apps you may want to check out are Tennis360Hub and RapidTennis, they work great in cities like London or Sydney. With advances in technology, a bunch of cool new ways have been created to find hitting partners. Most of the time, the good old-fashioned methods will do. But if they don’t, or you want an alternative way to network, give the internet and smartphone app solutions a try! Happy playing and meeting new people!