Tips to keeping your kids active

Whatever you’re doing, make it fun. As you may or may not know, getting your kids to do exactly what they're told isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Given their energy, encouraging them to do regular exercise shouldnt be as tricky as getting them to tidying their food, you should still do your best to make it as fun and goal oriented as possible. This could even start with you showing a positive attitude toward fitness and exercise, to which your kids can then follow. 

Get the whole team involved. There’s no better way to get everyone involved than choosing exercise that involves teamwork and cooperation. Games that get the whole family together and that also involve a competitive edge often last longer and remove the focus on the exercise itself. Just keep an eye on how competitive your little ones are, as you don’t want it to end in tears. 

Let the music guide you. Another easy way to get your kids active if they're feeling cooped up and grumpy is through the medium of dance. Again, this is the type of exercise that kids will love, and they won’t even know they’re exercising. 

Keep screen time for downtime. For many it would be unrealistic to remove the use of screens from their child’s lives. While there are certainly some positives to spending time unwinding in front of a screen, making a treat instead of the norm will mean more time for your kids to fall in love with being active.

The benefits of keeping your kids active

Improving fitness

Although it may seem as though your children have endless energy at the moment, this will not last forever. Getting them away from the games console and into the routine of regular exercise helps prevent obesity now, and also will stand them in good stead when they get older.

Increasing concentration

Numerous scientific studies have shown that physical activity has positive results for children’s cognitive development, and does wonders for their concentration. Not only will this make it easier to stop them from getting bored and restless around the house, but come term time, you may see another set of positive results. 

Builds a stronger heart, bones and healthier muscles

Obviously it’s much too early for your kids to start any muscle building activities such as weight training. But even at an early age, regular aerobic exercise is excellent for the development of your kids’ muscles, heart and bone health. 

Improves posture

From sitting in chairs and school to slumping on sofas in front of the television, a child can develop a poor posture very quickly. However, regular sport, activities and exercise can help develop both physical and mental habits that teach your child’s body to pay attention to their posture, and ultimately improve it. 

Improving self-esteem and relieves stress 

Spending long periods of time indoors can be tough. It can lead to feelings of claustrophobia and stress e, and with a lack of social interaction, self esteem can also take a hit, even for kids. However, with the endorphin releasing effects that regular exercise can bring, sport and activities are some of the best ways to maintain a positive mental attitude during time at home.