After you have found and purchased the skis that you’ve always wanted to ski on and own, you need to make sure that you look after them and keep them in top condition. Skis take a lot of punishment during their life, so need regular maintenance, a bit like a car, they need servicing.

When you have finished your days skiing always make sure that you wipe your skis down and dry them, do make sure that the edges don’t oxidise & rust, then store them in a warmish dry area. Whilst you are away skiing, it’s very easy to maintain your skis, from day to day by using easy applicating waxes and handheld sharpening tools:

When you’ve finished a days skiing, clean your skis with wax remover, this gets the bases ready for the wax. Spray or rub the wax on to the ski bases, leaving a nice even thin layer and rest them for about 10 minutes, then polish with a soft cloth or cork, to work the wax into pores on the ski. With the edges, it’s quite easy to put an edge on them with the small hand tools ( in the pack above). This is a good way to look after your skis on holiday.

When you have returned from your ski holidays and whilst it’s still fresh in your mind, get your skis serviced and ready for their next outing.

Ski service at Decathlon

Ski servicing is a process to get your skis back into perfect condition, by cleaning and filling the holes/scratches in the bases, sharpening both base and side edges then structuring, polishing and waxing the skis to a high standard.

A standard service will cost between £20.00 to £40.00, depending how damaged they are, this will consist of:

  • Skis cleaned with wax remover
  • Bases are belt ground, this sharpens the base edges and removes a thin layer of base material
  • The side edges are sharpened, then the base is stone ground to structure it. This is essential to help the ski glide over the snow.
  • The skis are hot waxed, this is the best way to get a deep lasting finish as the wax will penetrate the pores of the base much better.
  • The skis are finished off by hand brushing and polishing, ready for the next time on the snow.

Having your skis serviced regularly will reduce the life of your skis by a small amount as there is a small amount of the base material ground of everytime they are done.

Ski base structure