Badminton is a great game for those looking for a serious competitive workout and for a fun game to play with friends in the summer over the summer holidays. For the moment all the competitive tournys are played indoors. But that shouldn’t stop you from playing outside with friends.
What you’ll need

To play outside you need the same equipment as you would if you play indoors but with some subtle variations. First you’ll need a net, specifically one that is made to withstand the outdoors. You’ll need at least two racquets or four if you’re playing doubles. You should also use a plastic birdie because it can handle the elements better than a feather one. Of course, you’ll need your running shoes and comfortable clothes to move around. You should also try to find a place that’s a little sheltered from the wind, this can really change the character of the game and give a big advantage to one player or the other.
Before you get started

Just cause it’s more casual doesn’t mean you can completely “goof off”. You should try to warm up before you start. Jog a few laps around the park so you don’t start totally cold. Also you can do some stretching before, your hamstrings and knees can be prone to injury, you don’t want to hurt yourself in a casual game! Make sure you have a lot of water, in the summer heat you can dehydrate faster than you might if you’re used to playing indoors. Of course, if you’re fair skinned be sure to put on a healthy dose of sunscreen before you start and if you sweat profusely you may have to re-apply you don’t want to find yourself with a sunburn after a day out in the park.
So there you have it!

Those are things you’ll need to know to play outdoors. So, just remember to have fun and not take the game too seriously. Happy playing!