1. Open up all the doors

It seems like everyone would do this straightaway, but it’s often overlooked in the rush to get home. Unzip every door you have so the air has a way to escape

2. Open the valves and wait

All inflatable tents come with air valves, some bigger than others. Open these air valves up and wait for your tent to deflate.

2A. Walk on the air tubes

Take off your shoes and walk along the air tubes toward the valve. This gets the air out of the tubes. Know that this could invalidate your warranty, so do this with caution (or not at all).

3. Fold both sides of the tent to the middle

Take the back and front of the tent and fold them in toward the middle, so the edges touch. Fold those created ends of the tent inward again until you have a folded tent the same size (or less) than your tent bag. We place the bag next to the folded tent to ensure we have the right size. Make sure you take time with this step, as it will make a huge difference in the end.

4. Roll the tent

If you have any tent poles, put them at the opposite end of the air valves. Use them to start rolling up the tent, focusing on keeping the tent rolled as tight as possible. Squeeze the air out as you go. We often use our knees for that process. Continue rolling and squeezing until you reach the air valves. If you can’t get it inside your bag, re-roll the tent. It’s typical that there’s too much air left in the tent the first time.

5. Tie up the tent

We hope you kept the straps or ribbon that were tied around your tent when you first opened it. You’ll want to use those now so it doesn’t become unrolled in the packing process.

6. Put it back in its bag

After all your hard work, you should have a tent that will fit into its bag. However, if it doesn’t, don’t feel too bad. It doesn’t always work that way for us either--just start again, remaining calm.