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If you feel like you need to lose a few kilos to feel healthier and better avout yourself, Here are a few tips from a fitness trainer and coach…
1. Start Slowly, Adapt Your Diet

"Lots of people who want to lose weight come to the gym," states Ludovic Doyer, fitness coach. "Ideally, you should start gradually, with regular sessions on machines, and recovery time in between. "This is because the body needs to manage cardiac and muscular effort all at once. "Starting gradually helps you avoid injury and excessive muscle soreness. You will also need to manage your everyday diet correctly. When you start exercising regularly, you need to (re)adopt good eating habits, so that your body gets everything it needs."
2. Exercising In Water : Your Slimming Ally

The fitness trainer indicates that gym work can be combined with swimming, aquacycling or aquatic hiking. Caroline Bonnière, an osteopath, agrees. "Swimming and workouts in water are excellent complements to exercise done in the gym or exercise that is harder on the joints. They can also reduce the risk of injury."

"What's more, swimming burns lots of calories," adds Joëlle Joly, sports for health coach."It uses all the muscles."
3. A Little Each Week, In The Long Term

With three sessions per week and a balanced diet, a person should lose weight: from 500 g to a kilo in the first month, then 200 to 400 g per week. "A larger person will tend to lose weight faster than someone who wants to lose two or three kilos," adds Ludovic Doyer. "But you can't transform your figure in a month: your body needs to adapt. Some beginners get put off by this, expecting to see the results of their efforts sooner. The ideal approach is to adjust your diet so that your body gets everything it needs, even if that means consulting a nutritionist.Only over time will your body find its balance between exertion and an appropriate diet."

And you, what sport do you practice?