Why should you maintain physical activity while working from home?

If you work in an office, you don’t realize how much moderate physical activity you actually do. It’s everything from commuting to work, to walking to the kitchen for a drink or just getting up to take a break.

So what are the benefits of maintaining some physical activity while you’re at home:

  • Taking care of your health

The most important reason is your health! The more you move, even if it’s low intensity with day to day movements, the more your body will thank you. Avoid staying seated in the same position for long periods of time. You do not do it in the office, so why should you do it at home?

  • Staying focused and efficient

Staying fully concentrated on a particular task without moving for a long time is near impossible. A simple solution to that: movement. Take some quick breaks from your laptop to give your eyes, your brain and even your back some well-deserved rest.

  • Relieving stress

The simple act of getting up, walking around for a few minutes and just moving a bit can help alleviate stress.

How can you stay in shape while working from home?

While working from home also means less environmental stress (like cutting out your commute to and from work), it could also mean you forget to take care of yourself. 

You tend to forget to take breaks, everything you need is within reach, but staying in the same position for hours means your metabolism could take a hit.

  • Be careful of your posture

Any doctor will tell you that the position you have at your desk is very important for your overall health, and especially to avoid back injuries.

  • Stretch regularly

Naturally the human body needs to stretch regularly, especially when you’ve been sitting in a chair all day!

Since you’re at home, nobody will look at you funny if you start stretching. Extend your arms, your spine and breathe in and out deeply. Feels better right?

Our biggest advice: Get up every 20 minutes

According to health specialists, it’s recommended you do not sit in the same position for more than 20 to 30 minutes.

Now no need to jump out of your chair and do push-ups or squats! Simply get up every 20 minutes to accomplish every days tasks, like getting a glass of water from your kitchen, going to the bathroom or just getting up and stretching your legs. 

Here are some ideas to keep it natural:

  • Do not bring everything you need to your home office desk. For example, leave your coffee or tea cup in the kitchen, or the printer in the other room. This will force you to get up regularly to get what you need or want, like you would at the office! 
  • If you have stairs in your house, don’t hesitate to go back and forth throughout the day to get those items you “forgot” on the other floor (eg. your charger, a sweater…)
  • When you’re on a call, take and get up to walk around the house if you can. That’s a few easy minutes away from your desk.
  • If you really need it, set an alarm on your phone for every 20 or 30 minutes. A simple but effective reminder you need a break! 

As you’ve understood by now, the objective is to keep you moving for short periods of time but regularly throughout the day.