Looking for a new lifejacket? Check out the Itiwit Wairgo Hydra 50n Buoyancy Vest. With its streamlined design, it’s easy to use and allows your arms to move freely. There are two pockets, one quick access and one zipped chest pocket, plus a one-litre water bladder on the back. Designed with versatility in mind, this is the perfect life vest for water-lovers everywhere.
How to Use the Itiwit Wairgo Hydra 50n Life Vest

  • Put on the buoyancy aid by securing the adjustable waistband at your chest
  • Zip it up and place the zipper in the loop at the top
  • Add your water bladder to the pocket at the back and attach the water tube to the straps along the top of the buoy
  • Stuff the pockets with your essential supplies
  • You’re good to go!
How to Inflate

The Itiwit Wairgo Hydra 50n Buoyancy Vest has two inflation systems. One activation system is activated by hand -- all you need to do is pull the red handle on the left side of the chest. Gas powered inflation will commence immediately. You can also inflate the life jacket by mouth by blowing into the tube on the right of the jacket. It only takes three quick blows to fully inflate the vest to 50 N.

Two Quick, Easy Steps to Deflate

  • Pull on the red strap on the right shoulder -- this will open the valve
  • Press down with your hand to deflate the vest
How to Change the Gas Canister

The Itiwit Wairgo Hydra uses a gas canister for inflation. You’ll need to change this gas canister after every use. Wairgo refill cartridges are cheap and easy to install. To replace, follow the below steps:

  • Find the expired gas canister on the left side of the chest
  • Unscrew it
  • Fully lower the metal lever to avoid prematurely piercing the new refill
  • Replace the green plastic indicator
  • Screw in the new refill by threading it through the red strap