1. How to do Lateral Raise Squat with Wrist Weight


Gym weights are weights that are strapped around the wrists or ankle. They are usually filled with heavy materials, and they can weigh between 1 and 10 pounds....Read More

2. How to Do Split Squat Side Leg Raise with Ankle Weight


This exercise involves squats and lifting your legs. It helps tone-up your thighs and glutes. The Gym Weights are very useful to increase your musculature. ...Read More

3. How to do Kneeling Side Leg Raise with Ankle Weights


The Range of motion isn’t important as long as you feel your glute working. Use the Gym Weights for your toning-up exercises!...Read More

4. How to do Lateral Leg Raise while Lying


In this exercise, you'll be working on your thigh adductor muscles. These Velcro-fitted weights can be worn around your wrists and ankles as per requirement....Read More

5. How to do Modified Lying Chest Fly with Ankle Weight


This move looks relaxing, but it'll give your chest a little lift. You can wear the Gym Weight around your wrists or ankles to enjoy a wide range of work-outs. ...Read More

6. How to do the Bent-over Rows with Wrist Weight


A Gym Weight can be used for a wide range of workouts: running, body-building and arm strengthening, toning-up the ankles and legs....Read More

7. How to do Kneeling Reverse Leg Raise


This routine can tone and slim thighs, but make sure you don't skip out on wearing ankle weights for intense muscle building...Read More

8. How to do Side Lying Leg Raises


You can perform this one with a set of ankle weights. You should be feeling a nice glute burn with the weights on the ankle....Read More

9. How to do Floor Press with Wrist Weights


This exercise helps in working the triceps harder than ever, removing the strain placed on your shoulder joints....Read More

10. How to do Pedalling Crunches with Ankle Weights


It's a terrific and simple exercise to work on the different layers of your abs muscles and helps to build abdominal strength and ton your thighs....Read More

11. How to do Reverse Lunge with Laterally raised Arms


A shoulder sculptor, this exercise builds upon the basic lunge movement. ...Read More