Before you start your badminton session, there are 3 main exercises that you’ll need to perform to maximise your performance.

1. Warm Up Your Body and Increase Heart Rate

To increase your heart rate, engage in exercises that require full body movements. There are many ways to do this: Jogging around the court, Jumping rope with a skipping rope and spend around 2-3 minutes to increase your heart rate. At the end of the exercise, your body should feel warm and your heart should be pumping.

2. Stretching

When your body is warmed up, perform a couple of stretches to loosen up your muscles. Stretching helps increase your flexibility and lowers the chance of injury during a game. Stretching is effective only after you warm your body up and you’ll be able to stretch deeper. So it’s important that you perform the first exercise to warm up and increase your heart rate. Spend about 10 minutes in this process to stretch your muscles.

3. Practicing your strokes

Next, perform a couple of strokes on the Badminton court with a partner to get a feel of the game. In order to maximise your performance, make use of this stroking session to get yourself comfortable on the court. Stroking before playing Badminton games is essential to help you achieve your best form. While stroking with a partner, exchange a few badminton clears (forehand and backhand) perform several strokes (forehand and backhand) exchange a few badminton drives

Hit a couple of badminton smashes while you’re at it, too!

Move to the front to practice your net shots Spend 5-10 minutes stroking and you’ll be playing at your peak performance.

Which part of the body should you focus on?

Badminton is a high intensity sport where agility is important. If you’re playing casually, intense training is not really a “must”. If you intend to train, train more on your shoulders, abs, and legs. Train yourself so you can perform quick bursts on the court. This means you need absolute speed and agility. In other words, it won’t be like an intense bodybuilding session. Getting big and buff won’t help with agility. Being muscular doesn’t increase the power of your badminton shots. In fact, huge body muscles can slow you down. There are many things to work on your fitness if you want to play like a pro. And finally, practice and train in your free time.