They need to be comfortable and you should love wearing them.

So, what’s the best way to choose and wear your gloves?

Boxing gloves exist to protect your hands from high impact and prevent injury. Choosing the wrong pair can be avoided when taking a few things into consideration.
Buying the right material

Before buying your gloves, you may want to account for how many times per week you will be training? If you plan to train 3-5 times a week you should really consider leather, or synthetic leather gloves, as they are much more durable and long lasting.

If you wish to train 1-2 times a week you could consider a pair of novice gloves, or a beginner’s kit that includes gloves, wraps and a mouth guard.
What weight should my gloves be?

Generally, men should buy gloves that weigh between 14-16 oz, and women between 12-14 oz. This is because men are generally heavier than women, meaning more punch pressure on your hands. More weight requires more padding and therefore a bulkier glove. If you are of a heavier build (14 stone or over), or looking to move into full contact sparring, 16-18 oz gloves can be considered.
Laces or Velcro?

Velcro gloves are very easy to put on and take off on your own, and the preferred choice of most people who practice any form of boxing. Those training at home or boxing in groups will use Velcro gloves. Velcro gloves offer better ventilation meaning your gloves dry quicker with less chance of odour.

Laced gloves fit around your hands and forearms better due to the fact you can tighten them to the point of comfort. Professional boxers will both train and fight with laced gloves. They offer more protection up the forearm and are generally more expensive. The downside of laces is that you need an extra person to help you put your gloves on and take them off.

Laced gloves also need to be taped up around your wrists. This is so the laces don’t become loose and potentially cause eye injury. This also requires a second person to apply the tape.
Putting your gloves on

It’s very important that your gloves are a cosy fit. Your hands should be in a curved position with your thumb separated from your four fingers. This position should feel like a semi clenched fist with your knuckles positioned at the upper part of the glove. The glove should feel tight, yet comfortable and light. Comfort is a great indicator as to whether you will be happy when punching with a glove. Make sure that the glove isn’t too tight when worn with hand wraps, as this will stop circulation and feeling in your hands.
How to look after your gloves

Sweat builds up in the fabric of your gloves can cause them to smell. To help combat this you can hang your gloves in a warm and dry place after training. Don’t leave them in your training bag!

It’s also possible to pack your gloves with paper to dry up excess sweat if you’ve had a particularly intense session.

To improve the lifespan of leather gloves you can occasionally add a light oil or lubricant to help resist cracking.

Please note - gloves must be worn with hand wraps. Wraps keep your hands and wrists in the right position, and minimise the chances of knuckle soreness and sprains.