I have just signed up to run one of my favourite races, the Lakeland Trails 55km. This race is really close to my heart , it's the first ultra I ever raced and I have come back 3 times since to compete in both the 55km and 110km races. If you're like me, you always get that sense of excitement and fear every time you sign up for a race. That to me is the quintessential beauty of ultra running, no matter how fit you are or how much you've trained, when you're competing against the wild anything and everything could possibly go wrong. Moments of unbridled joy and glorious scenery interspersed with agonizing pain. Finding a unique camaraderie amongst complete strangers or being eaten to death by midges at 6 am, Ultra running is the most gruelling and rewarding thing I have found in my life.

My first effort at Lakeland Trails was mired with cramp, sun stroke and other ailments and every return has brought both amazing views and new challenges. I like to think I have grown from someone foolish, running his first ultra before even doing a 5km, to somewhere between seasoned runner and madman.

Hopefully you will stick with these little updates through my training, especially if you're training for your first Ultra yourself. Hopefully I can impart a bit of wisdom, the sort i have earned through making terrible mistakes myself in races, and give you little tips on training such as my top recommendations for dealing with blisters!

My last Ultra didn't go according to plan and I unfortunately dropped out 68 miles into a 100 mile race. Every race is unique and you grow and adapt every time you train for a new challenge, so broken toenails crossed everything goes according to plan this time around.

Happy Trails


there are still a few places available @ https://www.lakelandtrails.org/ultra/