Here at Decathlon we know the power of staying active for your mental health, and doing a little every day can be a great benefit when dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. Though maintaining a regular exercise regime is ideal, just finding a little time everyday to connect with the great outdoors or friends and family is sometimes all that we need. By encouraging everyone to enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle, we can help prevent men’s mental health from deteriorating to a point where direct intervention is needed.

That’s why we’re working with HUMEN to encourage everyone to Move For Your Mind.

Who are HUMEN?

Both a movement and a charity, the goal of HUMEN is to improve and maintain men’s mental health across the UK. Started by actor and activist River Hawkins, it’s been steadily opening free, comfortable, anonymous spaces around the country for men to be able to talk about their feelings. At the same time, they are places where men are able to listen to others, with no one being forced to talk if they do not want to. Through witnessing and experiencing first hand how so many of us share the same feelings, we can help develop an understanding to deal with these emotional struggles.

The first of these, known as The HUMEN Space: the Gym for the Mind was set up in Central London, and was followed by openings in Manchester, Edinburgh and Cardiff. They’re open every Monday from 6.30pm, with visitors able to turn up, with no booking required. If you don’t live in the area of any of these locations you can also attend virtually through The HUMEN Space Online, details of which are on the HUMEN Website.

What is Move For Your Mind?

During Men's Mental Health Month, Decathlon and HUMEN are working together to encourage you to Move For Your Mind.

In the UK 3 out of 4 suicides are men. That’s 13 men who take their lives every day. We can’t always see the battles our fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, and friends are facing - but a little exercise and the chance to talk are sometimes a great first step towards a brighter future...

That’s why Decathlon and HUMEN have come together for the Rise Against Suicide Sunrise Walk, which will take place around the UK on the Sunday 28 November 2021. Setting off at sunrise from 11 Decathlon stores across the UK and virtually from people’s homes, this walk will be 4,657 metres, with a metre for every man lost each year to suicide. By raising just £250 for this walk, you’ll be able to help 100 men access the HUMEN Space: Gym for your Mind, helping them confront the issues that cause so many to make a heartbreaking choice.

It’s time to Move For Your Mind.

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