To ensure you’re prepared, here we take a look at what you should be taking on mountain bike adventures of differing distances.

Cyclists are a unique bunch. Some ride all day while others are content with a quick evening blast. Some bring the kitchen sink, while others carry only the bare necessities. Whatever your preference, you’ll want to ensure you carry some essential items.
What are hydration packs?

Small, secure and with plenty of space for supplies, hydration packs come in many forms and sizes. They generally consist of a bladder bag with additional storage space. Bladder bags, designed to hold water, typically come in sizes ranging from 1L to 3L. A hose from the pack provides convenient access to the water when on the move.

The beauty of hydration packs is the additional storage many provide. Commonly found with a total capacity in the range of 5-20L, they provide ample storage in lightweight breathable designs.

At Decathlon we stock a wide range of hydration packs and camelbaks tailored to the needs of any off road rider. Ergonomically designed with reflective details and a variety of capacities, we have something for every ride.

So with your hydration pack selected, let’s take a look at the pack list for long and short rides.
Don’t tempt fate - What to pack for a shorter ride

We’ve all been guilty of it. A quick evening spin to blow off the cobwebs when disaster strikes half-way round. To avoid being stranded in fading light it’s always best to pack a few essentials.

  • A spare inner tube

Punctures often occur at the most inopportune times. Always have a spare tube on hand to switch in quickly. If you’re riding tubeless tyres, a deep slash can spell disaster unless you have a spare tube.

  • Tyre levers

Although some tyres can be removed and fitted with a minor thumb workout, some just refuse. It’s always best to pack a lever or two.

  • A pump or C02 canister

Anything from a small hand pump to a quick and easy-to-use C02 canister will ensure that you can limp home. We stock various types of convenient pumps that’ll fit discreetly in your backpack.

  • Multi-tool

Compact, small, light and with multiple features you should always carry a multi-tool. For short rides, one with allen keys and a Phillips head driver should be more than enough for an emergency tweak to get you home.

  • Phone

An indispensable item these days. Whether it’s to call the emergency services, dial for a lift, or avail of navigation features, don’t leave your phone at home.

Go stronger for longer - What to pack for longer rides

In addition to the above, you’ll want to ensure you pack a few extras for rides of longer duration.

  • Food

On long rides we all eventually run out of energy. To avoid the bonk, be sure to pack enough food. Whether it’s bars, gels or drink powders, at Decathlon we provide a range of sport nutrition solutions.

  • A chain splitter and powerlink

A broken chain far from home spells trouble. However if you carry a powerlink or have packed a multi-tool with a chain splitter, then you can fix up that chain up and get home.

  • Jacket

Anybody can get caught in bad weather, especially if you’re in the mountains. If the weather turns sour and the temperature plummets, an extra layer is always a welcome piece of kit.

  • Puncture repair kit

You should pack at least two tubes for longer rides. However if worst comes to the worst, then a puncture repair kit will allow you to patch one up and limp home. You can also use it to repair a gash in a tubeless tyre on the inside.

  • First aid kit

Even the best of us fall off from time to time. Thankfully it’s rarely more than a cut or a graze. So having a first aid kit to clean and cover an injury is always recommended.

  • Shock pump

If you’re headed to an unfamiliar area or over varied terrain, a shock pump will help tune your suspension settings for improved handling.

  • Rear derailleur hanger

A broken derailleur hanger after a tumble is a show stopper. Always carry a spare to ensure a swift change out with minimal fuss.

  • Lights

If you find yourself still out on the road after dark, then a set of LED lights can be your saviour. With minimal weight and easily stashed in your pack, there's no excuse for not packing them.

Whether it’s a mechanical issue, an unlucky accident, or good old mother nature, even the best laid plans can be scuppered. By thinking ahead however, and packing the aforementioned essential items, you can mitigate the effects of any unforeseen occurrences.