If you’re an in-line skating beginner and you’d like to hook up with a few people to go in-line skating with, we can tell you the best places to go. Whether you’d like a coach to give you some tips, you’d like to spread your wings and skate a bit quicker in a big group, do a marathon or just meet some new skating friends locally, our simple guide can give you some ideas. Let the good times roll.

Join a group skate

Group skates are becoming really popular, especially if you’re in London. The London Skate is the UK's largest mass street skate. It starts from Hyde Park on Wednesday evenings throughout the summer and up to 800 people rock up to this each week. If you’re feeling confident, there is also a fast-paced Friday Night Skate.  You need to be able to stop, go and turn to be able to enjoy these. If you prefer to take it easy, there is also a more gentle Sunday Stroll. The skates take a 10 to 15 mile street skate around London and the route varies. Sometimes it takes a tour around famous London sights, other times it opts for some hills and fast skates in Camden or down to Barnes. The skates last about 2 hours with a half hour break in the middle and are often accompanied by a sound system.  Visit  londonskate.com to find out more.

The Easy Saturday Skate is suitable for inline-skating for beginners. It starts at 10.30am every Saturday morning in Battersea Park. It’s easy - there are no hills, kerbs or cars and you can stop anytime for a coffee. People tend to do a couple of laps just inside the park. It’s perfect if you’re new to skating and would like to meet members of the local speed skating group and other beginners. There’s a qualified instructor on hand to give you a hand and it’s completely free too.

Look out for a skate event

Visit rollerblade.com for a list of events across the world that celebrate the joy of in-line skating and you’ll meet like-minded souls to skate with. The Berlin marathon route is deemed a must for every skater and you're sure to meet dedicated skaters here. SCC events run inline skating packages to help you get over for the Berlin marathon and are a great way  to meet people.  Visit skating.bmw-berlin-marathon.com/en/ to find out more.

Go online

Former artistic figure-skating champion Asha Kirkby is the manager of Skatefresh and one of the UK’s most highly qualified instructors. She runs online video courses to help you learn at Skatefresh.com. You’ll be able to connect to other skaters on her site.

Find a club

If you’re keen and want to take the sport further, The Federation of Inline Speed Skating has a useful club finder. It will hook you up with like-minded people and places for you to practice and race if you’re so inclined.

If you’d like to get a bit more competitive, you can join the club The London Skaters speed team. The emphasis is on fun, fitness and competition, so there are skaters of all levels, united by their love of skating.

Visit your local leisure centre or roller rink

New roller rinks are popping up all the time, so there’s bound to be a rink local to you where you can meet like-minded skaters. Alternatively, your local leisure centre may run classes or host their own rink too.

Get on social media

London Friday Night Skate (LFNS) has a Facebook page and Twitter feed. Easy Saturday Skate (ESS) also has a Facebook page. Look up others to hook up with skaters in your area and further afield.

Join a forum

It’s a great place to make friends with other skaters. Register for free and connect to influencers too. 

So what are you waiting for – go find someone to skate with!