When you start running, oftentimes the first objective you set yourself is to run for a whole 30 minutes. This milestone can seem daunting for any beginner. All you can think of are the sore muscles, the cramps and the shortness of breath you will endure. However, with a bit of perseverance, and a few helpful tips, we know you’ll be able to make it!

Don’t put pressure on yourself!

Exercising is, and should remain above anything else, a source of joy. It’s a way to let off steam, decompress, take care of yourself, increase your confidence and challenge yourself. 

When you start a new sport, you tend to want everything right away. Don’t set goals that are unattainable. This will cause frustration and you will lose your motivation. Putting pressure on yourself is counterproductive. It’s important to challenge yourself, but be realistic about your physical ability and overall fitness level. 

So stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone started the same way and everyone has different objectives and pace. Give it your all, but be kind to yourself.

Do not give up at the first obstacle you encounter. With a little willpower, you can do this!

Buy the right equipment

First of all, make sure you buy the right treadmill. There’s 4 points you should take into account when purchasing your first treadmill:

  • The surface: Make sure you have a running surface of a width of 40cm minimum
  • The digital screen: We recommend a machine with pre-installed programmes and a high speed, which will allow you to progress
  • The incline: If the treadmill has different incline percentages, you can adjust the degree of inclination throughout your session
  • The cushioning: Naturally the cushioning will be better on a treadmill than when you’re running outdoors

Second, you must have a good pair of running shoes. What should you look out for when choosing your next pair:

  • The sole: Choosing the right sole depends on what you’ll be using your shoes for. For example, the sole on running shoes for indoor running will be very different than the sole on trail running shoes.
  • The distance: How long do you plan on running for? Running for 30 minutes or for 1h30 is very different. The longer you run, the more resistant you’ll want your shoes.
  • Your stride: What’s your stride type? Supination, Neutral or Overpronation?
  • The extras: What do you want from your shoes? Cushioning, lightweight, comfort…?

Go at your own pace

To reach your goal of running 30 minutes, set yourself smaller goals first. Start by running 15 minutes, then 20 minutes, then 25 minutes. The most important is that you run regularly and gradually build up time until you reach 30 minutes. 

You can also rely on interval training (alternating between running and walking). When you start, you’ll probably walk and run for the same amount of time. As time goes by, you’ll end up running for longer than you walk. 

The inclination setting on the treadmill will become your ally to make your workouts harder or easier. By increasing the difficulty, you’ll build up endurance, which in turns means being able to run for longer and reaching your goal faster.

Throughout your whole training, make sure you listen to your body. You will know when you’re going too slow or too fast, when your cramps are too painful or when you’re out of breath. Running for 30 minutes is not a sprint. You need time to achieve it.

Proceed in stages and don’t rush, especially if you’re not used to exercising. By doing so, you’ll avoid getting hurt. You also (hopefully) won’t start to hate running. Exercising and sport should always be fun!

The importance of recovery

It may not seem important for beginners to recover and stretch after a running session. However it is key to progressing and staying motivated.

Whenever you run, give yourself a day or two of rest before your next session. No need to force a daily session into your agenda. You’ll just get hurt or bored of running. Take care of yourself! 

Now all you need to do is start running! We hope these tips have motivated you to pick up this 30 minutes challenge.