Going out for a long run, or competing in a Marathon? Where do you put all your essential items? Can you you rely on the water station having the nutrition you need? You could wear a running belt or hydration pack but these tend to be either too small or too bulky respectively.

Now this is where Kalenji's new running vest offers the perfect solution. At 105g, it's ultralight and covers less of the back compared to a hydration back. Meaning your less likely to experience unnecessary sweating and chafing. With a 3L capacity, the vest doesn't compromise on it's carrying abilities. In terms of taking the essentials, it comes with two pockets at the front for storing 2 x 250ml soft flasks and two side pockets for gels and bars.

At the rear there is a larger zipped pocket that offers the possibility to carry of packable wind jacket. There's also a little tab at the back where you can clip on a light to be seen at night.

What about sizing? It's no good carrying your gear in this vest if it's just going to bounce up and down and be a nuisance. To ensure the this doesn't happen there are three adjustable chest straps, with the vest itself composed of form fitting materials and available in three different sizes: XXS/XS; S/M and L/XL.

Whether your racing or enjoying a gentle Sunday long run, this vest will do the job.